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About Lazygoose Ceramics:


The mission of Lazy Goose Ceramics is to Create, Inspire, Connect by sharing the formal, aesthetic and technical development of ceramics in an environment that fosters the individual skills of its potters. I am dedicated to providing a place where ceramics are raised in awareness, scope and material proficiency and where potters can openly exchange knowledge and expertise of their craft. The studio supports all challenges of ceramic design and experimental research, and is an excellent environment for any potter to focus on his or her work in a non-competitive and mutually supportive surrounding.


The 540 sq ft fully-equipped studio offers independent studio time as well as classes - taught by both Gail and visiting artists - in slab work, throwing and glaze application for all levels of potters. Classes are limited to 2-3 students, but may be arranged on a private basis, and are usually booked four to six months in advance. Facilities include an electric Skutt kiln, a professional slab roller, ware racks, Brent electric wheels and dedicated areas for slab building and glaze application. I use Laguna B-mix and Laguna B_mix with grog, Coyote and Lagua glazes, and fire to cone 6.

Ceramics produced by Gail is currently being placed in galleries as well as being sold at the studio.

Please note: this is not a 'paint your own' store and we do not offer bisqueware for design or sale.